We have learnt & been told a lot that you don’t have to drive too far to get anywhere in Tassie.  My brother, pictured below, who is travelling with us part the way, said if you go 400 kms in any direction you will fall off the edge.  So we made our way from Devonport down to Hobart calling into a quaint English style township of Ross.  The first settler of this town was from England.  Read about it here ! 

I will share more on Ross later as we came back through here & stayed overnight on our way north after the Festival in Hobart !


We camped at the Royal Hobart Showgrounds – we were held up with road works so running short for time to set up the stall at the Australian Wooden Boat Festival, but we had booked a Maxi Cab & they were excellent & helped us out so much.  So with everything piled in off we went to the Hobart Harbour – SCARED – EXCITED – UNSURE OF WHAT WAS AHEAD – APPREHENSIVE OF OUTCOME – BUT TRUSTING GOD ALL THE WAY!

Thanks to my trusty brother & wife, we got it all set up in time !!


Friday came around very fast & I was ‘All Dressed Up’ for the Occasion & raring to go get ’em!!

We caught a bus in most days & a taxi home after very weary feet !

Our 3m x 3m site was perfect amongst some well branded businesses, specialists in the field of boating etc.  We felt so privileged to be there & were treated so well.  Everyone raved about our products & the response overwhelmed us !!  Not only did we do exceptionally well with sales, but we also received HUGE exposure & new stockists.

We had our stall in the Prince Wales (PW1) Marquee parallel to the famous Salamanca Markets.   It couldn’t have been a better spot for us!  The place was huge & right on the docks of the Hobart Harbour.  There was entertainment galore; even when the trading ceased each day, the place came alive.  There were many boat building schools, trades showing & selling their wares, gourmet food galore; & characters everywhere making this a very memorable occasion.

No wonder people come from all over the world every 2 years to attend !!

So many people enjoyed trying our gloves – we had such good feedback & sales – it is very exciting for our Sandi Hands!

We spoke to people from so many nationalities telling us their stories of where they were from & why!  Our little table was getting a real work out !!!

Even though we didn’t get much of chance to get outside while the festival was on, we could hear the buzz & heard the stories from our very happy customers.

We were there right where the big ships port at Hobart Harbour – CONSTITUTION DOCK – right in the midst of this huge hussle & bussle was our SANDI HANDS display – showing the world just how great our products are.  We were not sure what the outcome would be, but we now know we are an Aussie Business to be proud of – we are growing daily thanks to the support of family & friends & their prayers daily.  All praise to our Father God – it is His business – we are His managers!

Many thanks to everyone who worked tirelessly to help us get to this point & onwards – please stay tuned into our regular blogs to see what we are up to next.  

We will be sharing many stories from people in the Industries associated with sanding – there are some lovely, interesting people out there doing amazing things.  We want to share their stories 

We will also be sharing some exciting sites along the way, which may be of interest to you for your trip around this amazing country of ours!