Sandi Hands has brought to our life a stream of experiences & challenges I would never have imagined.  Each day is a new beginning into a new adventure, learning how far we can stretch in knowledge, and enabling us the ability to reach out to so many people in so many diverse situations.

Life is one big adventure & if you can learn & grow as you go, that is the cream on the cake, so to speak!

Steve & I, & our Sandi Hands Team, have been given the opportunity to branch out into the unknown in so many ways, but this trip, which was introduced to us by Christian from Japanese Tools, whilst we were exhibited at the Sydney, “Working with Wood Expo”, has so far been the ultimate destination.  We would like to share with you now, our story of real life of our business. Sandi Hands, over a series of blogs, so stay tuned – we have a lot to show you, especially if you are wanting to visit this remarkable & unique part of Australia.

On the 8th February. after travelling 3 days from Brisbane to Melbourne, we boarded the Spirit of Tasmania with our trusty Sandi Hands Motorhome.

We loaded up – said our sad yet excited, good-byes and headed off.

Finally we arrived at the Port of Melbourne where we immediately spotted our ship to Tassie, Spirit of Tasmania.  After months of tireless long days & nights preparing, we were here and we were excited beyond recognition.  Once we were able to drive into the docking gates the real adventure began.  It was so efficiently run as we went through all the check points until we finally drove up the ramp and boarded the boat.
Even though we were one of the last to board, owing to being a larger vehicle, we were told we would be the first off!  And we were – how cool was that.  The staff on board were awesome and the facilities were excellent, so we made sure we enjoyed every minute.

For anyone who hasn’t been over to Tassie – this apart from flying, is your experience.

This is the base of the ship where the vehicles are loaded very carefully, crammed in one after the other – the process they take is amazing & they know exactly where every vehicle is, as well as the dimensions, weight etc.  They don’t waste a spot of floor space either.  We made our way up the lifts after securing our Motorhome, and started to enjoy the ship life.

Our cabin was great – very comfortable with everything you needed, the dining was excellent & the view – what can I say!  

The crew were so friendly and helpful as well.

I was i introduced to the Henry’s Tassie Ginger Beer too – locally made & named after his son Henry.  It was the yummy old school ginger beer.  Highly recommended!!!

We had local Tassie produce for dinner & brekkie – this was going to be awesome – we could feel it.  going on the boat versus flying, gave us time to wind down & start enjoying ourselves, somewhat rested for 4 very busy days ahead at the Australia Wooden Boat Festival.

After 11 hours at sea across the Bass Strait, we had arrived – they say it was calm seas, slightly swayeeee – fell out of bed a couple of times from a deep sleep, but overall an amazing time !  We would do it again !!

The shores of Devonport, Tasmania await us early in the morning – head over to the next blog for more on the Tassie Adventure for Sandi Hands !