About Us


Sandi Hands Welcomes You!

The birth of Sandi Hands came from a need after upcycling, restoring & sanding furniture for many years.  When sanding for a lifetime your hands soon become tired – to enable myself to continue enjoying my hobby of recycling furniture I needed to find a way to sand in



and Pain Free 

Hi – I am Jenny – Owner of French a la Beach & Inventor of Sandi Hands –

 The Handy Glove that Sands! 

My inspiration came from the love of Up-Cycling aged pieces of furniture – installing into each piece a new breathe of life !
There is something special about recycling, and with furniture it is no different. Restoring something that otherwise would have been left to rot & die, which is now taking “Pride of Place” in someone’s home.

That is the Best Feeling Ever!

I felt there was a niche market for a sanding glove that makes the sanding so much more cleaner & more comfortable; not to mention VERY EFFECTIVE in so many ways, where other sanders are not!
Please enjoy the experience of our Sanding Glove as so many people are now; it’s useful for furniture restoration, surfboard shaping, DIY car detailing or anything you feel the need to sand.
Enjoy & thank you !