About Us

Hello !  I am Jenny, the owner of French a la Beach & the inventor/creator of Sandi Hands. The birth of Sandi Hands came from a need after I was upcycling, restoring & sanding furniture for many years.  When sanding for a lifetime your hands soon become tired – to enable myself to continue enjoying my much beloved hobby of recycling furniture I needed to find a way to sand in COMFORT – CLEANLINESS – PAIN FREE

Right from the beginning of Sandi Hands, we have encouraged it being a Family Business;  Afterall it was our very family who talked me into marketing Sandi Hands to the public.  They said this was too good not to share.  There was no turning back then!

Meet the Team …

Recycling &/or UpCycling aged pieces of furniture is very contagious – installing into each piece a new breathe of life, ready for the next lease of life !
There is something special about recycling, and with furniture it is no different. Restoring something that otherwise would have been left to rot & die, which is now taking “Pride of Place” in someone’s home.

That is the Best Feeling Ever!

I felt there was a niche market for a sanding glove that makes the sanding so much more cleaner & more comfortable; not to mention VERY EFFECTIVE in so many ways, where other sanders are not!

Since the launch of Sandi Hands, we are continually amazed at the many diverse trades, hobbies, & interests that find our Sanding Gloves useful & a saving to their entire work project.  If you don’t believe me, at least give them a try and see for yourself.  We find once someone gives them a go, they are convinced !!

Please enjoy the experience of our Sanding Glove as so many people are now; it’s useful for furniture restoration, surfboard shaping, DIY car detailing, guitar manufacturing, house renovations, jewellery making, small detailed projects, or anything you feel the need to sand.

Enjoy & thank you !