Sandi Hands™ is a Small Business Enterprise, Family Owned
and Run by Jenny and Steve Regeling. Based now in Brisbane Qld,
it began trading April 1st 2014.

Jenny Regeling is the Creator and Founder of Sandi Hands™.
What began as a small product to fill a personal need, has now grown to incorporate a large range of helpful tools available in
close to 100 passionate stockists across Australia,

New Zealand, the United Kingdom, and Europe.

The original Sandi Hands™ Sanding Glove was invented to assist Jenny in her passion for restoring pieces of furniture. Suffering from arthritis in her hands, she found her ability to finish pieces with a high standard of quality, due to the pain and limited movement and agility the arthritis left her with. From this the original cotton white Sandi Hands™ Sanding Glove was born.

Steadily gaining interest and excitment over the last few years, Sandi Hands™ has caught the eye of Industry Greats, Tara Brown,
Scott Cam, and Melanie Lissack. 

Sandi Hands™ now helps 1000’s of people worldwide with
a large range of abilities and disabilities with freedom of movement, ease and improved capability to produce high quality results in
the areas of Furniture Recycling and Restoring, Car Detailing, Surfboard Shaping, Home Renovation, Jewellery Making, and
many areas of Craft. Any place you can imagine sand paper
is needed, Sandi Hands™ can help.

As Sandi Hands™ was born out of a passion for restoring furniture and giving it a new opportunity to shine, Creator and Founder,
Jenny, along with the Sandi Hands™ Business is a proud
Ambassador and Supporter for Not-For-Profit Organisation,
Destiny Rescue Worldwide. Dedicated to rescuing and protecting children from human trafficking and sexual exploitation, thier Mission is to boldly Rescue, Restore, Protect, Empower and be a
Voice for the Voiceless. Their brave and noble Vision is to see
sexual exploitation and trafficking of children end in THIS LIFETIME. Please visit Destiny Rescue Australia and Recycled Treasures for Upcycled Lives on Facebook for further information on how
You can help make a huge difference.

Jenny’s committment to deliver products that embrace comfort coupled with high standards of results, will allow You,
regardless of age, trade, or ability, tackle that next project
with ease giving professional results every time You choose
to sand with Sandi Hands™.