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Time Is Precious

So Are Your Projects

Do You Struggle


Damaged Sand Paper?
Wrapped around a block…
Held tightly…
Flat surface to edges…
Sand Paper that falls apart?

Wrapped around a block…
Held tightly…
Flat surface to edges…
Sand Paper still falls apart?

Intricate Details?
Stunning antique in need
of restoring, all the sections
that will be a statement…
Too hard to work with?

High Material Costs? 
When you spotted that piece…
It was a BARGAIN…Will the materials cost too much
to complete it beautifully? 

Average Results?
Are the tools you are using
just not giving you the 
stunning finish you were imagining?

Sanding With Sandi Hands™

Fast – Simple – Efficient – Comfortable – Economical

I am Jenny, the Founder and Inventor of Sandi Hands™. Like many people, my passion for Upcycling, Restoring & Sanding furniture was a labour of love for many years.  When sanding for a lifetime your hands soon become tired – to enable myself to continue enjoying my much beloved hobby of recycling furniture I needed to find a way to sand Fast, Simply, Efficiently and with Comfort that was Economical.
Enter: Sandi Hands™ Sanding Gloves and Grits.

Since the launch of Sandi Hands™, we are continually amazed at the many diverse trades, hobbies, & interests that find Sandi Hands™ incredibly efficient to their specific work project. Give them a try and see for yourself.  Whether it be for Furniture Restoration, Surfboard Shaping, DIY Car Detailing, Guitar Manufacturing, House Renovations, Jewellery Making, Small Detailed Projects, we hope You will enjoy the experience of our Sandi Hands™ Sanding Glove.



One of the problems I find using sanding blocks, paper sheets, or even iron shaped electrical sanders is that
I just cant always reach into all the nooks and crannies and sand to create the effect required. Sandi Hands™ Sanding Glove is a great invention which gives me so muchmore control when sanding! Using my fingers I can glide the paper through all the crevices of the wood. The are equally brillian for creating the perfect finish, adding
a touch of that ‘slightly worn’ look
that is so classic and timeless.

I use Sandi Hands™ for my furniture restorations. I love the way you can grip curved chair legs with the sanding glove and have a chair sanded in half the time. Saves my nails and my already dry and beat up hands! 

I use Sandi Hands™ gloves on
a weekly basis for restoring wooden furtiture. It is so comfortable, breathable and gets into the hard ‘ornate’ areas that
my electric sander just cannot reach. It also saves my nails and hands from getting dry and scratched. A great invention that I would recommend to anyone. 

Home Revival Interiors UK

I love finding new and exciting products to use and have for years have trawled the internet looking for them…A while ago I came across a lady called Sharon Hankins on youtube, her website and youtube channel is called ‘i restore stuff'(you should check it out), she was using a product called Sandi Hands™, the handy glove that sands.

It’s a glove that you attach different sandpaper grits to! We all dislike the inevitable prep work involved in our business and this seemed like a usefull and helpful tool. 

Why Use Sandi Hands™? 

Home Revival UK Live Demo

Sandi Hands™ Easy To Use

100% Australian

We are a 100% Australian Owned
and Operated Proud Family Business

100% Guaranteed

100% Guaranteed Replacement
On Any Faulty Items. Conditions Apply.

YES My Therapy Is Furniture…Restoring

Life can really suck sometimes.
Frustrating, soul crushing
and just plain hit after hit.

As of 2017 the fee for a standard psychological consultation (45-60 minutes) is AU $246.00.
That is a lot of over-time you would need to

cram into an already over-loaded schedule to off load your struggles. Well advised, much needed and well loved for many, however…

Sometimes off-loading emotional stresses and anxiety can be found in other outlets. 
Creativity. Wood. Restoring. Recycling. Detailing. DIY…Intrigued? Restoring or Recycling Furniture can be good for your soul.
As well as your mind, hands and the environment.

Verily Magazine in 2016 –
5 Proven Ways Creativity Is Good For Your Health,

1) It relieves stress
2) It Increases and Renews Brain Function
3) It Can Help Prevent Alzheimer’s Disease
4) It Improves Your Mood
5) It Cultivates Your Social Life

“Positive Health Benefits of Woodworking”
– Improved cognitive function
– Higher levels of seratonin resulting
in decreased mood disorders
– Sense of self fulfillment
– Improved muscle tone and better bone health
– Better balance
– Decreased circulatory problems
– Weight control secondary to
increased caloric burn
– Improved cardiovascular function
– Decreased blood pressure
– Stress Relief
So…where was that old hutch? LET ME AT IT!

Source –

What Are You Worth? Per Hour…

Its out. The new Anthropologie Havenview Armoire. YES. YES YOU MUST HOUSE

US$2798 Ummmmm…what organ can you
sell on the BM this time?

Bye Bye Armoire. Silent Weeping Ensues. WHEN. When oh When will your home be filled with uniquely divine precious pieces?

Whilst $2798 might seem like a perfectly reasonalbe amount to outlay on memorbale and beautiful peices of furniture for your home, when life, family and all of its responsibilites cloud in over your budget, for many it can be an out of reach amount to spend. Consider this…How many extra hours/overtime of your hourly rate would you need to make up for such a purchase? The average Adult Casual Pay Rate in Australia is $22.52/hour. $2798 divided by $22.52 =
125.25 hours. Yikes. 15-16 full work days.

Hmmm. When you look at purchases like that, maybe not so luxurious then?

Or perhaps there is another way. A way that allows you to create the quintessential, uniquely divine peice you are dreaming about,
all whilst pinching pennies, relieving stress and being environmentally friendly.
Yes. I’ll take that option please.

It will require time. It will require some hard, sweaty, old fashioned work. But with the astounding plethora of furniture restoring, DIY, recyling, painting, reonvating and sanding tutorials, tools, videos and workshops available to you at the click of a finger (and reasonably sound internet speeds) YOU CAN DO THIS.

Passionate Recycling:
More Than Just Plastic Free

The Lucky Country. Yes. Yes we are. However, Australia is one of the worlds largest waste producers, currently “ranking in the TOP 5 waste producing nations, on a per person basis. We produce over 18 million tonnes of waste per year—the equivalent of three million garbage trucks full of compacted rubbish.” –

Whoa. Sobering thought for the generations to come really isnt it? When you think about refurbishing furniture as a way to reduce carbon impact on the environment, it may be hard to connect those dots…however, it has been suggested that it can take up to 1000 more carbon dioxide to produce a piece of furniture than it does to simply recycle or refurbish a piece. Thats exciting. No, really it is! Simple, unique choices to furnish our homes uniquely can equate us to environmental heroes. Yes Please 😉

When seriosuly considering Recycling, restoring, refurbishing or renovating your home and furniture as an environmentally responsible option, do your best to make sure that toxic-free paints, primers, varnishes are used. Many current companies offer these options including : Annie Sloan, Fusion Mineral Paints, Miss Mustard Seed, Made By Paint, and The Natural Paint Company to name just a few.

Restoring Furniture…It Really Is
More Than Just A Budget Option

Sandi Hands™ Shows Its Magic

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