We decided to head to Salamanca Markets in Hobart via a bus trip – we were not informed at the time of booking that is was going to be a historical tour on the way.  The driver was awesome – so friendly & very informative, taking us off the beaten track with so much history stories on the way.  This is a typical Tasmanian way of doing things !!!

Here are some amazing images of this remarkable & stunning City of Hobart, Tasmania – all Australians should be so proud of this great historical city of Oz !

Now there is a story to this bridge – in 1975 a big ship crashed into it killing & injuring many – if you look closely to about two-thirds of the way along to the right and you will see the pylons are wider in one place – that is where it happened, & the ship is still down there with 2 of the deceased buried.  Very sad but apparently they didn’t attempt to bring the ship up in case of more damage to the bridge.


It was a gorgeous day on the water looking at Hobart from a completely different perspective – if you get the chance it is a must thing to do.  Thanks to our children shouting us this trip we have been very blessed.


Now I am going to just fill the rest of this blog with images of the

Salamanca Markets

– they will tell the story on there own …