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And the race is on …

I am so excited !!!

When we arrived in Devonport, Tasmania, we drove past this massive stunning building – The Antique Emporium – I just gasped & told Steve we had to go there the next day. ¬†We had other business to attend to this day, eg. paying bills, you know – business stuff that has to be done ūüôĀ

But determined to get back there I was, & we did Рfirst thing the next day & what do you know, there was a big long park right out front for our 7m long motorhome!  I was meant to be there !!!

It was awesome from the minute I walked in the door, & huge in floor size (3 large levels) Рso much to see !  Check out this Marilyn Munroe figure, & if you can see beyond her, there are old cans on the shelf and on the table & rack to the left.  Your eyes just kept going from one spot to the next.

Blood pumping – adrenaline racing !

Who would have thought years ago I would get so excited about old timber boxes – but wow – if I had a semi-trailer. ¬†Some dated way back to early 1900’s ! ¬†And the oil cans – they are a massive attraction to collectors – SO MUCH STUFF !!!

Ladders anyone Рthere was a whole long wall just devoted to ladders.  If you plan on making your way to this amazing collection of bygone memories, give yourself plenty of time just to peruse, take it all in & be excited.  Oh yes and bring a big truck too !

Now – I am going to ask the question I have asked for years of collecting & recycling/upcycling furniture & wares – TO PAINT OR NOT TO PAINT ???

This is a gorgeous piece of history right here, but man it would look good restored with a feature touch of paint Рtop or legs???  What would you do?  I am thinking I would probably paint the legs on this one & give the top a warn look (semi-sand with my trusty Sandi Hands Sanding Glove).  Then I would do a light sand using the Sandi Hands finger grits, probably a 240 to slightly edge the legs, giving it that authentic vintage look.  She is a beauty Рit was tempting !!

Below are a couple I did years ago Рpeople overlooked them at garage sales, but I could see beyond their rugged appearance.  I grabbed them & restored them with passion, & they sold very quickly!

There are 3 levels to this massive emporium – I made my way upstairs & it just kept going – the suitcases & doctor’s bags below were up there on that level. ¬†I just had to take this photo of the floor below as we walked down, level by level. ¬†Buzzing feeling when you have a passion for upcycling/restoration ! ¬†It’s cruel when you don’t have the room to take it home though !!!

Check out this beauty – very reasonable in price too – if only we had the room ūüôĀ ¬† I could already see the potential – what would you do – PAINT OR NOT PAINT – WHERE WOULD YOU PAINT¬†– TOP OR BOTTOM OR BOTH???

Personally, because of the gorgeous turned legs, I could see them as a feature painted & sanded back vintage style.  The top I would just clean & lightly sand with my Sandi Hands Sanding Glove using a 320 or 400 gauge grit.  That would give it that authentic look with a touch of class !!  Very similar to the ones below Рthis was a favourite desk/table I did a few years ago Рit was hard to let go of this beauty!!  A good oil or wax just finishes off the top !

Forget the round metal thingy on top – not a clue what that is – cast your eyes in the direction below to those, stunning original antique suitcases. ¬†The middle one is my favourite with it’s leather handle – what a beauty !! ¬†I would have loved to upcycle these …

These are some I did years ago as well Рthey were bought by a lady who had a furniture & homewares shop & did markets.  She wanted them for display purposes.  Some people use them for side tables or bedside tables.


Now on the subject of whether to upcycle – PAINT OR NOT TO PAINT – THAT IS THE QUESTION ???

I loved this beauty when I found her ! ¬†I knew I had to do her justice; it took me a little while to work out how to do that …

I was very happy with the result & it didn’t last long before some dear lady bought it for her bedroom. ¬†I always liked to know where the furniture I upcycled, was going. ¬†It is a real thrill to find the piece, work out it’s best outcome, carry it through, and then find a home for it.

Those of you who are in this fun-filled, very satisfying trade, know exactly what I mean !!!

Steve had to hold me back from this room – scan your eyes around to see how many things you would like to get your hands on to upcycle. ¬†It’s contagious if you haven’t had the experience – WATCH OUT !!!

This furry fella is in it’s original condition – personally, I prefer the timber look ones, like the one below here, professionally formed by a very clever customer of ours in Western Australia. ¬†He uses our Sandi Hands Sanding Gloves to form the curves perfectly. ¬†He said it is very therapeutic using the Sandi Hands Gloves & very effective!

This old chest below has had a life – ‘could probably tell some stories – I am going to leave this up to you to decide what you would do – to help I have attached a few images of upcycled chests & drawer chests below. ¬†It could be either sanded back leaving some of the stain to give it an authentic feel, & then oiled for finish, or it would look awesome painted carefully with a good milk or mineral paint, and sanded with Sandi Hands to finish off. ¬†I love the panels on the front & top – they would come up nice as a stunning feature !

With all the amazing products available now on the market, even these bags, suitcases & hat boxes could be upcycled so well.

Below is a list of a few links of places you can get some great products to upcycle with …

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The Wood Guys

The great part of this crazy, exciting & adventurous trade of upcycling is – you are able to make your own decision as to how you best think a piece of history should look. ¬†It is also a personal taste on the side of the buyer as to what they like for their own situation. ¬†It is an adventure & it is contagious, rewarding & very therapeutic – relieve life’s stresses & take it out on a stunning oldtimer ! ¬†

You will never look back !!!


Just sharing … some pieces from my French a la Beach Collection (see here for more images)

All French A La Beach Collection have been worked by Sandi Hands Sanding Gloves