The Nut that every local & tourist know well, is a volcanic plug that sits proud & tall on the peninsula of the stunning very authentic & very English town of Stanley.

This is the Nut from Stanley’s relaxing shoreline.

Approaching the Nut from the township – you can see to the left the Chair Lift that takes you up & down !

And the journey up begins …  We might be mature in age, but our limbs are young & our heart is even younger – we are walking all the way – up & back !!  Steep or not, this is the challenge for this day & we are prepared to push the boundaries – why ?  Because we are crazy people & love a challenge & we had a point to prove to our kids – hahahaha !!!  WE ARE NOT OLD YET !!!!!

The Chair Lift is a great addition to the Nut as it enables people who would not otherwise have the experience – we spoke to several people up there who came up by the chair lift.  One dear old gentlemen was 83 & he had walked all the way up & fully intended to go all the way down – he had had knee replacement done & was going in for another this month.  I love talking to these amazing people who see life as a big adventure !

Go Shirl – Go Girl !  Doing well !  

The climb is very steep – it may not look like that in the photos, but it really works your calves up & down.  Some parts it almost feels like you are climbing a wall.

Yayyyy – we got to the first ‘Zig’ climb – the climb is like a zig zag in 3 stages.  It isn’t a massively high hill, as I have climbed higher, however, being so steep it certainly gives you a work out.  The view is getting better all the time too – looking out over this ornate, well manicured township of Stanley is breathtaking to say the least.

One of the beauty points of this township, is the beaches either side like 2 moon bays sweeping it’s shores.  In the distance further north, beyond the vast farmland, is another view of the Bass Strait.  What a spectacular place in the world.

To the left of this image is where we stayed at the very popular Caravan Park

Stanley Cabin & Tourist Park

Way in the distance is the town of Smithton – another coastal & country town with so much history.


Another view of Stanley – note the buildings – all very traditionally Old English heritage style, as my hubby calls it!  It is a very tidy town & they are very proud of it.  The population is mainly retirees & holiday/weekender homes as there is not any trade there except for retail.  I imagine a few would commute to Smithton for work also.

And the climb is over – now the walk right around the top which is 2 km in total – the whole walk up, around & down again is approximagely 5 kms.  With it’s steep ascents & descents, it is a work out, but a great one !!!

This was a day to remember with so many different sights to see from thick grassy mounds sweeping in the wind to rugged coastline cliffs falling into the Bass Strait.  Sandi Hands was on a break this day, but it was a real refreshment for the soul!

Right in the middle of this image looking down over the harbour at Stanley, you can see a long ship with stalls on it – it is a cattle ship taking cattle to & from their destination.

Then from the sweeping grasslands we start to enter what I referred to as Nottingham forest miniature style!  It was a small but fascinating walk through the thick of the Nut – we saw little wallabies (Paddy Melons or Bennetts) & bird life including the Mutton Birds, that seemed very tame & not at all disturbed of our presence there.  Obviously they are used to people passing by their environment every day.

I call this one A NUT ON THE NUT – my brother trying to dart out of the way of the camera – hahahaha GOTCHA !!!

Having a break right on top in the middle of a very tranquil place – just take a breath of serenity before moving on !

The natural wildness is stunning up here !

Happy we made it to the top – not bad for us mature aged youngens !!!

The walk is helped by the well designed track – it is gravel, which is helicoptered to the top, along with rubber matting with holes about 4 cm in diameter which is layed onto the stone paths to hold it and help maintain it.  It also gives a great walking level all the way.  ‘Very clever idea !!

And the walk down – we wished it would have been easier after trekking the whole way around up top, but NOOOOOO – it was actually harder.

All the way to the bottom !!!

This young hubby of mine made it with a very gammie knee, which is to be operated on early May – a full replacement knee is forthcoming soon – JUST AS WELL HE HAD THE KNEE BRACE TO HELP – Well done Stevo !  A Happy but Painful grin 🙂


Celebrating with some Well Deserved Yummies !!!