THIS IS THE NUT @ STANLEY, TASMANIA – It is a volcanic plug that sits right on the outlet at Stanley creating a unique landscape for this amazing authentic, back in time, yet modern town.  See next blog to see more on the ascent & descent of the NUT !!

Stanley is lined with gorgeous restored old homes with character that is breathtaking … You can’t help but imagine you are back in the time !  It sits on the Bass Strait right up on the north to the left hand side of the Bass Strait Coastline.

The beaches are stunning – people are dotted here & there just walking & relaxing in this serene Tasmania Town.  It is so very peaceful; you can smell & taste it’s history just walking any part of Stanley.

Staying at the Caravan Park here is an experience.  Not only is it very well presented but it is right on the beach, yet surrounded by so much history – we felt like we were in paradise.


Because of the uniqueness of this beachside township, movie makers have already used it’s historical buildings & surroundings as a movie feature & you can see, by just looking at these images, why they would choose such a place?

The Light Between Oceans was shot here …

What a perfect position for this picturesque Cemetery which sits right on the point below the Nut.  All grave stones face East as do the majority of Cemeteries but this one paints a history of stories as well as a serene feeling of peach & tranquility for the passing.

During out Sales & Marketing, we at Sandi Hands feel privileged to have stayed in such a historical town of such grandeur & status which honours the past generations that tread the shores of this stunning town on the edge of the Bass Strait, Tasmania.  Please check back soon for the second stage of Stanley – The Inevitable Climb of the Nut !!!