When we were asked to attend the International event of the Australian Wooden Boat Festival at Constitution Dock, Hobart, Tasmania, we did not even imagine the scope of exposure to the world this was going to bring.  Approximately 220,000 launched on Hobart Harbour by plane, boat, car, buses or whatever way they were able to get a piece of this amazing display.  Sandi Hands was amongst some big names, and yet welcomed with open arms and much praise from all walks of life.

One major part of Tasmania culture is their awesome hospitality.  There is no holding back, they certainly know how to make you feel welcome & how to throw a Party.

Our Sandi Hands Sanding Glove Store at the Australian Wooden Boat Festival.

When our wonderful children heard we were going to Tasmania, their minds went to work – they all pitched in and shouted my hubby, of course including none other !! an afternoon aboard one of the well known Tall Timber Sailing Ships – ‘WINDWARD BOUND” 

HISTORY quoted & continued at http://www.windewardbound.com.au/ship/

“Windeward Bound” was conceived in 1965 when a young sailor in the Royal Australian Navy stood on the shores of Garden Island and watched the arrival in Sydney, from England, of an old Baltic trading vessel known as “New Endeavour”. This approaching vision began a dream to build and operate a similar Tall Ship. Service in the RAN and, later, the rigours of acquiring a trade as a Joiner/Cabinetmaker and a young and growing family, saw the dream left on the shelf for a while. However, even on the shelf, the dream grew and became all encompassing and a search was started for a suitable set of plans, slipways were haunted studying hull shapes and old time boat builders were quizzed for their all important information on “how do you…” – (Continue the full story here !)

Before we were able to board this fascinating vessel, all sails were checked & double checked or repaired.  I was at first a little nervous seeing them patch the sail, but later learnt of their truly professional & extremely well trained crew.  The crew consisted of 12 in all, not including the Captain & the First Hand. It consisted of several different nationalities & ranging in age from 17 upwards.  One girl I spoke to was from Norway – she had just finished school & saw the job experience advertised on facebook.  They are so well trained and work as a team with the utmost commitment.

She is a beauty & after settling in on board, it took no time at all to relax into the life on the decks of Windward Bound.  

One of the things that stood out while being part of this huge Tasmanian held Festival, is the openness to new things.  We at Sandi Hands Store were blown away by the enthusiasm of boat owners & tradespeople of many degrees to use our Sanding Gloves.  We have had immense feedback from our customers already and are excited about the future of Sandi Hands in so many difference avenues.

Some of the other wooden vessels showing at the Festival – The boat below was taking on board water when we were walking past one morning to our Sandi Hands Store.  It caused a lot of attention as the owner bailed the water out frantically by hand, with much jocularity !

Finally on board we were already entrenched into the life, even as far as steering the massive tall ship.

I was particularly fascinated by the perfection of the crew’s routine as they went to work steering, turning & operating this eye catching Sailing Boat.

Here is a video of how it played out …

As we entered the Harbour deeper, we were privileged to be sailing alongside a replica of Lady Nelson, one of the first fleets to sail these waters.

Once again you can read about this amazing history here. 

We were given a full vessel tour including the cabins beneath.  It was all so enlightening & quite educational into something we had never been involved with.  Every part of the ship was spick & span from top to bottom.  All brass & metals were polished, all ropes neatly & properly hung; it was a sight to be admired.  It just made me imagine what it must have been like on board these boats many years ago when explorers sailed these waters in the hope to find new land & a new world.  Obviously it would have been quite different to what we were experiencing, but the imagination can become one big adventure, when you are sitting back taking it all in.

Enjoying the sites of Hobart from a completely different angle was one of the highlights – you could appreciate the landscape of this amazing & beautiful city from it’s shores.  It certainly is a breathtaking place to visit!

Everything in it’s place !!!

Professionalism at it’s utmost !

Taste buds were more than satisfied !!

Looking back at this amazing city – breaktaking …

Every where you looked as you were allowed to wonder around the boat, there was something exciting happening, like these colourful sails dotting the waters of Hobart Harbour.

Looking back at Hobart centred in the midst of Mt Wellington – really puts it all in perspective!

What a privilege to sail such a piece of craftsmanship; what a blessing to be parents of such children to know we would enjoy this journey of Hobart Harbour so so very much – thank you beautiful familyTHANK YOUFamily – you know who you are – we will never forget this awesome ride!

And thank you Crew of Windward Bound – we will be back again one day !!