Beauty within is how I describe this property & it’s true value of good works exposed throughout !

Quoted from David & Sue’s website

Hi! We’re Fusion Adventure Based Learning.

Based in Kingston Tasmania, just 15 minutes out of Hobart. We are part of Fusion Australia, a national youth &; community organisation with around 55 years of experience.
We love people of all ages to discover the potential they have. we also like to have Fun!

My brother, Don, & his wife Shirley, have been here many times over the past years, and they very kindly introduced us to this amazing movement helping others in need.  Don & Shirley have not just visited, but rather volunteered to help each visit with renovations, new build, repairs, Testing & Tagging, and anything they can put their tireless hours to, to help.  Don spent many an hour over the 2 days we were there testing & tagging while Shirl helped sorting rooms in the office house pictured, going through cupboards & files etc. to make life easier & more organized for the Fusion Team.

We weren’t sure where Don was taking us as we left Franklin to Kingston & then off the beaten track.  We were pleasantly surprised!

This is the original homestead – there are 5 houses on the 88 acre property of David & Sue’s, housing mostly casual, but also an opportune place for some permanents who help to keep the property running as well.

Dave & Sue welcomed us with open arms as we set up camp behind the homestead.  The home is still in great working condition so we were able to use the facilities – ‘Generosity’ is their name at this establishment.

As I gazed at this old timer & imagined it’s life over the years, I could only picture how it would look like all renovated to the original state.  What a dream job, all be it hard work, that would be!  I just love bringing old to new – I guess that is why I started recycling furniture in the beginning !  If it wasn’t for that journey, we wouldn’t be travelling around marketing the Sandi Hands Sanding Gloves & meeting such remarkable people as well.  Life is just one big adventure if you want it to be.

Sandi Hands would have quite a chore on it’s hands, so to speak, restoring this old beauty !

And what an office I had too.  I could have stayed there for weeks enjoying the fresh country air – it certainly helps you relax and write, or work, so much more than inside 4 walls.  I can see why writers go to magnificent places to write novels.

I love the old bull-nose iron & the brick chimneys – I know there are properties a lot older than this old girl, but this one has so much character inside & out !

This dear old homestead was used in 2016 for a movie – The Kettering Incident !  You can read about it here !  Also the TV series Rosehaven was shot here in parts.

Walking around here, you can definitely see why they chose this part of Tasmania for the filming!

Dave was telling us their property was spared from the dreadful bushfires that have gone through that region – it has not touched their property at all – all I can say is that, that is God’s Grace working overtime once again !!

Farm life is just something out on it’s own – we need to remember this special part of our industry & support the farmers more !

 The sheep and lama were happy to see us as well.

Don was kept busy once again, but he goes in with his whole heart & soul, with Shirley following suit.  Their work is remarkable & all volunteer work as well.  They have been doing this for 17+ years now.

Don inside one of the huts testing & tagging.

One of the challenges on the course is the flying fox over the dam.  Sue was telling us there are platypus in there – what a gem of a place!

Another part of the Course enjoyed by many organizations including schools !

The Macrocarpa Cypress Pine trees on the property are phenomenal & could easily be hundreds of years old.

Not to mention the massive gums !!

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Thank you Dave & Sue & girls, for your amazing hospitality – the Chocolate slice, chutneys & jams are yummy – Don & Shirl have been sharing them at meals!