Red Jaffa on Sunderland Street – another Tassie Stunner !

In between marketing we needed to get our motorhome wheels balanced, so we made our way to a business in the back of Hobart.  It wasn’t far from where we were staying at the Royal Hobart Show Grounds so it turned out quite convenient !  We had an hour to fill so we walked just around the corner to find this trendy cafe to have an amazing coffee !  The Red Jaffa Cafe  was not only a great place to eat & enjoy a coffee, but the owner, Karen Colling & staff were unbelievably friendly & helpful in giving us the spread on Tassie, while we travel this great continent.

Everywhere you looked there was timber featured in every way you could imagine.  Recycled in so many types of Tasmanian timbers including the famous Tassie Huon Pine, Blackwood, Myrtle etc.  There were recycled newspaper featured walls, brick featured walls, recycled photo frames with old time images featuring the history of their ever proud Tassie.  The main table was made of timber over 300 years old according to the owner,  Karen   Everything was a stunning feature that lead your eyes scanning over & over the whole establishment.  The smaller round tables caught my eye – I just love the combination style of old antique brass legs & local timber tops featuring a star, also in timber !!!

This table below was carefully crafted from several local timbers including the huon pine – Karen was told by an older local that the pink in the timber of the table indicated it would have to be at least 300 years old if not more !!

Even upstairs is the beginning of another exciting addition about to happen.  This place is in an industrial estate, yet it is buzzing as the locals know when they are on a good thing, and this is a great thing!  If you are on a visit to Hobart or a local needing an amazing place to hang out, this is a must lunch, coffee & cake stop.  The cakes are made on the premises and are unbelievably yummy.  Steve had a jam, coconut & meringue slice – man it was amazing – I nearly ate it all on him.

Just standing there reading the newspaper on the wall while drinking your scrumptious coffee, is enough entertainment to be had !  It’ll keep you amused for hours

It will be even more amazing when this section is finished to extend it upstairs.  It certainly is going to need the room as the word is getting out about Red Jaffa on Sunderland Street !

The diner on the side feature old time vinyl car seats – so cool !

Red Jaffa on Sunderland Street is not just a Coffee Shop – it is a Tasmanian Tourist Icon – A MUST VISIT !!!

Karen & her staff are true Tasmanian friendly folk who not only make your taste buds work overtime, but she is genuinely interested in where you are from & who you are.  She made sure we knew about many of the famous & spectacular Tassie places to vist while we are here.  We have tried quite a few so far & she is right – they are something to be proud of !

This is definitely worth a visit for the food, the coffee, the hospitality & to check out it’s amazing vintage/industrial/retro decor.  You name it the genre you like – it is fantastic!

I’ve seen a lot of spool cable tables recycled over the years & have even done some myself, but this one is definitely the nicest I have ever seen.  Finished off beautifully with a clear varnish, leaving the original markings on the surface for character.

The matching hessian coffee bag seats from Brasilian coffee bags just enhance the setting, which sits just outside the main entrance.

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